Jo Martin
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Ever wondered what your business looks like through someone elses eyes?

The best feedback you can recieve is through a customers eyes or someone impartial to your business. We can help measure the  quality of service, or to gather specific information about products and services that your business provides. This can be done solely from a visitor experience such as asking questions and observing or by purchasing something such as product and testing it. We can  tailor this so that we are helping evaluate specific questions you may have or we could make it a more general and overall experience. We will provide a confidential detailed report back to you within a timely manner, evaluating the results for you if you wish and providing suggestions and solutions for areas that may need improvement.

We can offer one off projects or repeat visits dependant on your needs. We are completely confidential and we are also happy to test products.

We can help you evaluate what parts of your business are working and what areas may need improvement through our experience.

We can meet and discuss your requirements of what scenario and what aspect of the business you would like tested. This can be either a mystery shop visit or product testing. Also who you would like to conduct the mystery shop (target market).
We will agree a set time for the visit, carry out the mystery shop and send you a full and detailed report.
Following this, we can also provide suggestions and ideas for improvements on any areas that may need work or weren't to the highest standard that you are trying to achieve.
Prices start from only £25.
Contact us for a bespoke quote.
As mystery shops can vary it is difficult to set a price as it will be dependant on a number of factors, please get in touch so we can discuss options.