Jo Martin
Do Something​​
Businesses I have worked with ...
Business Park - Storage Units - Meeting Room - Commercial Cleaning Business - Hospitality Business - Golf Club - Fitness Suite - Hotel - Conference facilities - Weddings - Bar - Restaurants - Cafe - Health and Beauty - E-commerce Shop
Work with me
I am happy to help in all different types of business – in fact I like to work with different business streams if possible to avoid any conflict of interest. This also means you always have my dedicated focus to your business. I need to get to know your business in order to know what your company is about and the goals you are trying to achieve.

Results on Facebook

The results on the right was from a post I put on a facebook page that had only 83 likes and it did this (all unpaid) in just over 24 hours ....
and growing.

over 2,000 reach on a cover photo
This page had under 250 likes when this cover photo was updated. As you can see it was completely unpaid advert. Learn how you can create these sorts of figures of reach and engagement on Facebook.